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caring-hands.pngFrom the time I qualified as a nurse in 1978 and a midwife 1980, and through all the experience I gained in leading local hospitals, nursing homes and care agencies, I had a vision of the ideal at home care services provider. One where I, alongside a professional, dedicated, passionate and talented team, would offer clients the kind of care we'd want to receive in our homes.

Crown Home Care Limited is the home care services provider I envisaged, and I welcome you to our website. Today the care at home services we provide reflect my beliefs, knowledge and commitment to ensure the care we deliver is of the very highest possible standard, for the benefit of all our clients, their families and other healthcare professionals. We don't just talk about values like trust, confidence, respect, safety, dignity, integrity, independence and treating each client like an individual. We live and breathe them, every hour of every day.

Put the Crown Home Care service to the test, we promise you'll be delighted.'

Lesley & Jodie Packham



**Home Care Provider of the Year 2018 Winners**

The care you need, in the place you love – your own home

We know that losing your independence or dignity can be stressful and frightening. Worse still is losing your treasured home because of it. And that's where we can help. Crown Home Care is a Hampshire-based, independent, family run and private home care services provider with over 30 years of experience to offer you.
We provide an extensive selection of high quality, flexible, responsive and cost effective in home care services for elderly, vulnerable and young clients. Our solutions range from one hour visits for personal care and companionship, to more complex assistance including nutritional support, skin management and palliative help right through to 24 hour a day live in care.
The latter, particularly, empowers our clients to enjoy their home, independence and inclusion in their community to the full.

Our state of the art paperless systems within Crown Home Care enable 'real time' information to be feedback to our management team on a daily basis. This information can also be accessed through an 'app' by family members (if consent has been given) so they too can stay in the loop of their loved ones care.

We take your care personally

Our care is all about you. Your wishes, along with those of your family and your supporting health and social agencies, are paramount in the way we plan, decide upon and deliver the care you receive. Our 'person centred' partnership approach means you enjoy the exact support you need, at the time you need it, all delivered in the best possible way to enhance your well-being. Crucial to our highly quality delivery is our care team. We only recruit, train and develop the best people, and then support them to the same exacting standards. We know that the whole care choosing process can be worrying, confusing and indeed frightening for you and your family. But be assured we are here to guide you every step of the way.

To find out more, please do not hesitate to call our friendly, helpful and expert team on: 01252 844 923.

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Why choose us?
For home care that's as individual as you

Whether you're choosing a home care agency for yourself, for a member of your family or for a patient, here are just some of the reasons we believe you should opt for us:

  • Our 'people centred' partnership approach ensures everything we do is tailored to the individual and their needs
  • We offer in-depth experience and expertise, gained in various sectors within the home care agency field
  • The comprehensive range of home health care services we provide mean that a client can select and enjoy all the help they need, all from one team
  • Our carers use a 'paperless' system while working with their clients meaning they upload 'Real Time' information electronically to our management systems. This secure information can also be accessed by family members through login details from anywhere in the world, For example, day to day activities, what meals have been prepared and also medication administered.  
  • Every member of that team brings the same passion, commitment and focus to their work to enhance the well-being of their clients
  • Each clients’ needs are reviewed with them on a regular basis with the close involvement of their carer, relatives and other health professionals, so their home care can evolve as their life does
  • We only recruit the best staff, who are trained, developed and supported to be respectful, reliable, encouraging and professional at all times
  • We never forget that our objective is to listen, respond and proactively empower every client to live a full, independent, dignified life to their best of their abilities, potential and wishes
  • Ultimately, we want every client and family to be able to choose us with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that the home care service we provide is of the highest quality.

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