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Frequently asked questions

Helping you to make an informed choice

We fully understand that selecting the right home care services agency for yourself or a loved one can be daunting, confusing and worrying.

That's why we've put together this shortlist of frequently asked questions, which is based on our extensive care industry experience.

Hopefully, you will find all your essential concerns addressed here, but if you would like additional assistance and advice, please do not hesitate to call our friendly, helpful and expert team on 01252 844 923.

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How do you select my carer?

After completing a stringent recruitment process, training and a interview with a director, only then are carers signed off to work with our clients, as meeting our criteria and exacting standards. Our Director or Care Manager meet with all new clients and they then select the carer with the necessary skills and right personality to work with you. It is important that you feel comfortable with your carer and they have the correct skills, including good communication skills, to be able to deliver the care you require. All carers are continually assessed on a on-going basis to ensure they receive the support they need to enable them to continue caring for their clients in a safe and professional manor.

What area does Crown Home Care cover for daily care?

We can deliver care within a 5 to 10 mile radius of Hartley Wintney, in Hampshire. All carers are car drivers and they are recruited locally, so they will be familiar with the area.

What area does Crown Home Care cover for Live In care?

We can deliver Live In care throughout the South East of England.

What if my carer is sick or unable to attend to me?

We have a 24 hour on call service for carers and clients. Carers are informed at training that if they are unable to work for any reason they must call the office or the out of hours service if outside normal office hours to inform the Care Manager of the situation. You would be informed immediately if your regular carer is unable to work and we will find you a replacement carer who can deliver your care to you. You will be given the name of your carer and the time you can expect her, which will be as near as possible to if not the time you require.

Can I expect the same carer all of the time?

We are very focused on providing continuity of care to you. Depending on the amount of care you need, you will always have a main carer. However, we do need to build a team of carers for holiday times and if your regular carer is unable to work due to sickness. When we meet with you we will discuss the amount of care you require and the care team that will be built around you to ensure you get continuity from our carers at all times.

What can I ask my carer to do?

At the time of meeting with you and assessing your care needs, we will discuss your expectations and what you need the carers to do for you. A care plan will be tailored to your requirements and this will be agreed with you before the care service begins. Once your care is being delivered we will continually review how things are going. If you feel there are things you would like done that have not been included in your care plan, the Care Manager can review your care and agree the changes that are required. This can happen as often as necessary until you are happy that all your requirements are being met. Your Care Manager is always available to you by telephone or, if you wish, your carer can speak with the Care Manager and ask her to call or visit you.

What if I don't get on with my carer?

We strive to ensure your care is delivered to you in the way you want. We believe we have the experience and skills to select the correct carers with the correct skills for you, but if at any time you are not comfortable with the carer selected your Care Manager will resolve the situation for you professionally and quickly. Never worry about speaking to your Care Manager she will understand and support you at all times.

If I need a live in carer can I meet them before they care for me?

We will endeavour to get the carer to meet with you before your care package starts, but we do pride ourselves on the selection of quality carers and training them to our criteria and standards. Sometimes, geographically, it is not possible for your carer to meet you before you care package starts but you would know all the information about them before your care commences. In addition, your carer will telephone you to introduce themselves five days before they are due to arrive with you. All our live in carers will spend time with you for a handover from the carer that is leaving for their break. If this is the first time you have had live in care your Care Manager would bring the carer and spend time with you both, informing the carer on your behalf of all the information they require. If at any time you are not happy with your carer, your Care Manager will support you to resolve the situation.

Can my carer deal with my finances for me?

We have a financial policy in place to protect both our clients and our carers. The carers can deal with finances for you but very strict protocols will be put in place for the carer to follow so that you or your relatives have a tracking record in place of all financial transactions.

Why should I choose Crown Home Care?

We can offer you care at home from as little as one hour a day to 24 hours per day, depending on your needs. We are passionate about what we do and focus on enhancing our clients well-being. We take the holistic approach, caring for you as a whole person which may include family loved ones, friends and pets. We offer in-depth experience and expertise gained in various sectors of the health care field. We only recruit and train the best staff who are supported and developed within their area of expertise. We want you and your family to choose us with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you can trust us to deliver the highest quality care.