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Dementia care

A peaceful environment for our client, peace of mind for you

Dementia is a complex disease impacting the way people behave and react to life. Moreover, it affects each person uniquely. That's why dementia sufferers require extra professional, experienced and specialist home care as they can feel totally lost, frightened, disorientated, vulnerable and even unloved.

Plus, of course, the onset of dementia in a loved one can be an equally stressful and traumatic time for the family as a whole. Our one to one care for dementia clients – whether it's for as little as an hour a day or for as much as around the clock, live-in support – means your mum or dad, husband or wife can enjoy living in their own home for as long as possible.

Our people make a real difference for dementia sufferers

The way we recruit, train, develop and support our dementia care specialists, and match them to our clients, ensures that our expert home care services for the elderly...

*create an atmosphere of love, warmth, safety, compassion, understanding, reassurance and dignity for your loved one, in their own home

*help recognise and avoid triggers that may cause anxiety and anger

*provide a journey through the various stages and symptoms of dementia that helps to keep your loved one calm and at peace and still able to enjoy a quality of life

*overcomes what can seem like insurmountable daily issues, such as eating, drinking, bathing and washing

*constantly reassess our clients evolving needs, with family and healthcare professionals

*focus on our clients' abilities, not limitations, and utilises activities which are sensory in nature, such as music and movement.

220px-Rita_Hayworth-publicity.jpgRita Hayworth

One of Hollywood's most famous and beautiful actresses, Rita Hayworth, starred in over 60 movies and had five husbands. She lived an enviable and glamorous lifestyle and is listed as one of the American Film Institute's greatest stars of all time.

However, by the time she was just 63 in 1981, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The signs started with mood swings and memory loss but degenerated into symptoms like anxiety, aggression and agitation which are common amongst Alzheimer's sufferers.

Rita's behaviour could be nightmarishly difficult, until one of her daughters took control of her care and found something that soothed her mood and gave her focus – painting.

Even as her mind degenerated, Rita would work at her easel, producing beautiful, detailed likenesses of flowers. Painting brought her peace of mind, helped her relax and gave her a purpose.

guitar.jpgGlen Campbell

American music star Glen Campbell recently announced that he was suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's, a move that was widely welcomed by experts and charities working in the field.

Born into rural poverty in Arkansas but now in his mid-70s, Campbell played guitar on over 1,000 sessions, had many hit singles and albums in his own name and starred in TV shows and movies.

Rather than retiring, Campbell has recorded his best received album in years and undertook over 120 shows worldwide in 2012, with more planned.

On tour, Glen did suffer with memory loss and confusion. But interestingly Bob Harris, the veteran DJ, said he'd recently watched Campbell record a TV appearance and Glen 'disappeared slightly into a zone, as it were. But the one thing that was not in any way affected was his guitar playing.'

How we can help

Our team of Alzheimer's specialists will work closely with our clients and their families to find 'triggers' – activities that elicit a positive response in sufferers - then attempt to build routines around them.

Activities can include past hobbies such as gardening or completely new pastimes such as painting, music, reading or even dancing.

We believe this process helps to improve the quality of life for both our clients and their families.

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