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Continual around the clock care

If you find yourself in the worrying situation where it's becoming apparent that you or a loved one needs help to continue to live at home, it's natural that you might first think of residential care as the only option. However, there is an alternative – our continual, 24 hours a day, live in care means you or your loved one can remain at home, with all the help and support needed at hand.

The result is that all the usual distress and trauma of leaving everything familiar behind – such as family, friends, pets and personal belongings - is alleviated. Our live-in care service extends across Southern England and surrounding areas, and we are equally happy and able to help and support couples as well as those living alone.

What is 'Live In Care'?

live in careLive in care gives people the choice to remain in their own home, with 24 hour care provided by a carer, rather than moving to a residential care home.

‘Live in Care’ is when a carer is placed within the home and becomes part of the ‘home environment’, supporting the client to be as independent as possible. This may include one or all of the following: Personal care support; Help with cooking and preparing meals; Support with medication; Shopping; Assisting with doctors; hospital appointments; Running of the household and light cleaning duties.

Crown Homecares 24 hour live in care means you or a loved one can remain at home, with all the help and support needed at hand. The result is all the usual stress of leaving everything familiar behind such as family, friends, pets, and personal belonging - is alleviated. It may even mean that husbands and wives or brothers and sisters can remain together. The live in carers are handpicked for clients to ensure they have the required skills and are the right personality match to support each client’s needs. The carers complete a stringent recruitment process and are all Enhanced DBS Checked. We develop a team of three carers who complete a 2 to 3 week assignment and rotate on a regular basis to provide consistent care. Consistent care and routine help to reduce anxiety for clients on change over days. As part of the care package, it is necessary for the carer to have their ‘food and lodgings’ provided, along with their own room with a television.  Break times for a live in carer would generally be in the afternoon for 2 hours between 14:00 – 16:00. If the client cannot be left on their own for this time a daily carer can be provided to cover to enable the live in carer to have her break. We like to offer the daily care when possible from Crown Home Care to keep consistency of the care but if the live in care package falls outside our area, we would help to source daily care.

In our experience, we have had the best results when we work closely with the client and family to develop a care plan.   In some instances, we understand the care package has to be agreed quickly due to circumstances beyond control, however the more time we have to plan the more successfully the outcome is for the client and family.


A service you'll feel right at home with

The benefits of 24/7 care in the comfort of your own home can range from simple companionship to more complex support. In addition, being able to remain in your own home can bring you a great deal of reassurance, including staying close to family and friends and enjoying quality time with them.

You can be confident that one of our professional carers can remove the stress, concern and worry of those every day chores, from shopping and cooking to support with nutritional requirements, medication and doctor or hospital visits.

Excellent communicators, sensitive to their clients' need for privacy and fully trained to help maintain the social well-being of clients', our live in carers will give our clients' loved ones the confidence that their mum, dad, wife or husband are well cared for.


Care and Carer matched to you and your needs

All our care plans are as individual as the people we care for, and our clients are always involved in the planning process. In addition to this, all our live-in carers are hand picked by our directors and senior staff to meet our very stringent recruitment process, before they are allowed to represent us.

Our carers are also carefully matched to their clients and their needs to ensure a happy, positive and harmonious relationship. We know that live in care is a big commitment for any client and their loved ones, but we never stop listening to make sure we continuously improve the service we offer. In short, we are there at every stage to support everyone involved, so please do not hesitate to call our friendly, helpful and expert team for a no obligation discussion of your needs.

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